Journey Toward Surrender Series

Life is filled with challenges. Sometimes we find ourself stuck in the cycle of old harmful habits. Other days we may go through the right motions, but experience an absence of joy or satisfaction. We know some thing needs to change, but we don’t know where to start. God holds the answer to all your worries and questions. He calls you to an abundant life filled with love, joy, peace and more. Are you ready to answer His call? Are you ready to Surrender to His will and guidance? 

Humility and Sacrifice

Before we can embrace the life God longs to give us, we must first admit defeat. I myself have made the mistake of charging ahead and living life on my own. It rarely works out well in my favor. I go to God as a last resort because I want to try it my way first. I’m unwilling to give up my ideas or listen to the wisdom God has to offer. Surrender begins with an acknowledgment that we require God’s help and letting go of our preconceived notions. 

Stop Speaking About God

Cutting off Dead Branches

Obstacles Toward Surrender

Surrender is a lifelong journey. Long journeys have a habit of being filled with obstacles. It can be easy to beat ourself up every time we slip and fall, but be reassured that it is all part of the process. Let’s explore some of the common obstacles that may hinder you in your journey. 

Obstacles Toward Surrender: Israel’s Promised Land

Cognitive Dissonance in Christian Living

Follow Christ’s Example

A common mistake made in discipline is focusing on the do not’s. Parents tell children what not to do, teachers tell students what not to do, and churches tell congregations what not to do. There is less emphasis placed on the good things to do. Jesus is the best example of what we can do and with God’s help we can strive to follow His example. 

Choose Surrender: In the Garden of Gethsemane

Be Still and Surrender to God

Additional Thoughts on Surrender

The Journey toward surrender looks different for everyone. It requires vulnerability with God, ourself, and others to acknowledge those areas we continue to hide or fight with God. This journey also requires a willingness to change, which can be easier said than done. Don’t forgot to extend grace to both yourself and others throughout this journey. 

Surrender and Change: Psychological Insights

My Journey Toward Surrender