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The tools and resources provided throughout this website are not sufficient to combat mental health on your own. If you suspect that you or a loved one are struggling with mental health seek individual or group services through a local provider.

Bible Study Resources

Blue Letter Bible

Bible Study Tools from Jennie Allen

If:Table :: provides discussion prompts

Bible Study Kits from Rick Warren

Christian Books and more

Ministry Resources from The Foundry Publishing

Faith Gateway Store

Find Services Near You

Psychology Today : Directory for local providers

Medicare Directory: Select Doctors/Clinicians as Provider Type to search psychiatrists or psychologists

Better Help :: Online Counseling

Talk Space :: Online Counseling

Alma :: Search Providers by Insurance

Rehab Spot: Online Services and Treatment Centers

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline :: 988

National Sexual Assault Hotline :: 800-656-HOPE

SAMHSA National Helpline :: 800-662-4357

NAMI helpline :: 800-950-6264 or text NAMI to 741741

Informational Resources and Websites

Sexual Assault/Trauma Resources

Ride-Sharing Sexual Assault Safety Guide from Cutter Law P.C.

RAINN :: anti-sexual violence organization

Trucking and Human Trafficking from Redefining Legal Care

How Trauma Effects the Brain from Defining Wellness Center

Caregiving Resources

Cerebral Palsy Help for Parents and Caregivers from Cerebral Palsy Guide

Mesothelioma Caregivers from Mesthoelioma Guide

Parent’s Guide to Fentanyl from Substance Prevention Education

Health Psychology Resources

Faith and Living with Cerebral Palsy from Cerebral Palsy Guidance

Mental Health Disorders and Obesity from Renew Bariatrics

Supporting a Child Whose Loved One Has Cancer from Mesothelioma Hope

Faith and Living with Mesothelioma from

Mental Health Effects of Vision Issues from NVision

Eyes and Mental Health Issues from Vision Center

Ways Anxiety Can Effect Your Vision from Vision Center

The Ultimate Guide to Drug Discounts from PharmD

Mental Health and Mesothelioma from the Lanier Law Firm

For College Students

College Planning Guide for Students with Mental Health Disorders from

101 Resources for Student Mental Health from College Educated

College Mental Health Resources from Perlego

Other Resources

Top HelpLine Resources from NAMI

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring from

8 Dimensions of Wellness from Flowers Health

Financial Abuse from

Holistic Mental Health from Granite Recovery Center

Legal Forms for Health, Disabilities, and Veterans from FormsPal

Financial Resources from Help for African American

Mental Health Disabilities in the Workplace from Online MFT programs

The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women from vpnMentor

Bridging the Employment Gap for People with Disabilities from Best Coding Bootcamps

For Older Adults

Medicare Resources for Mental Health Care from Medicare Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans in California from Paying for Senior Care

Managing Mental Health in Nursing Homes by Nursing Home Abuse Justice

Nursing Home Abuse by

Stress and Your Vision: What Recent Research Shows from NVision

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect from Levin and Perconti

Assisted Living for People with Mental Health Disorders from

Elder Abuse from Retired Guide

Understanding Dementia Behaviors from

A Guide for Helping Retirees Navigate the Healthcare System from The Intake

Protecting Seniors From Abuse and Neglect from the Nursing home Abuse Center

A Comprehensive Guide to Elderly Community Resources from

Addiction and Substance Use Resources

Holistic and Alternative Addiction Therapies from The Recovery Village

Trauma Informed Care and Addiction from Iris Healing

Employment Resources for People Recovering from Substance Abuse Issues from Resume Builder

Veteran Substance Abuse from Arrow Passage Recovery

Effects of Alcohol – Cancer from Alcohol Rehab Help

Understanding Alcohol Addiction from Rockland Recovery

Alcoholism Cures from Addiction Center

Faith-Based Addiction Recovery from

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous from Crestview Recovery

Self-Care in Recovery from Eagle Creek Ranch

Addiction Treatment Resources from Free By the Sea

A Guide to Addiction and Recovery for African Americans from American Addiction Centers

Resource on Narcan (Naloxone) from Drug Rehab USA

Guide to Finding a Job after Rehab from

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Support Groups from Pinnacle Peak Recovery

Social Media Addiction Statistics from The Lanier Law Firm

Protecting Children from Online Drug Dealers from Substance Prevention Education

Addiction: Causes, Symptoms and Evidence Based Treatments from BOCA

Yoga Therapy Program from Northern Illinois Recovery Center

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